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a bus bounces its way past the window, a branch of the hazel jigs and there’s further analysis of tyre wear at aragon.  my saturday morning is rich with visual and audio pastries.

i’m pretty much alone as the rest of the family are off doing their thing or fastidiously working through homework and seasons of past dramas.

with myself set to write i collect my thoughts and begin to muse over recent times and those set up for the forth coming weeks.  today is my first day after completing my time as lifelong learning assistant at derby museums.  it was always going to be a set time for this role as the museum adjusted to those in place moving on to further challenges and install their replacements.  yesterday i was so surprised by the celebratory cake, card and presents.  i had not expected anything like that.  i hope within my surprise i was able to communicate my thanks.

this morning i sit with a pride of a job well done and look forward to further opportunities to work with the staff at derby museums in further roles.

while feeling proud of my job well done i start to consider my preparations for the #critweek event part of Document a Contemporary Visual Arts Network East Midlands (CVAN EM) project that “tracks and presents the everyday life of an artist.”  tim shore is the local participant in document and with peter bonnell of quad has put he crit event together.  time’s format has been to invite 5 curators who in turn have invited an artist to take part in a 20 minute discussion.  i’ve been invited by hananh fox.

the discussion is based upon 3 images and my shortlist is below.  it’s important that i have images i can talk about my practice rather than the work itself.  the timing of this crit event is rather advantageous as it’s giving me a reason to take stock of where my practice is and actually what i’m seeing is that it’s in a lot better shape that i would allow myself to believe it to be.  i’m questioning what methods i’ve been using to evaluate  my position as i think the results are potentially falling short of the actual position.