Plymouth University
Thursday, June 16, 2016
Friday, June 17, 2016
Roland Levinsky Building, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL48AA
South West England
Land/Water and the Visual Arts

Speakers include: Nicola Brandt, Susan Collins, Katie Davies, Nicos Philippou, Moyra Stewart, Marcus Vergette, Nicky Thompson, Paul Whitty; with Phil Smith, who will be leading a guided walk, in response to the symposium themes of journeys and transmission, on Thursday evening 16 June.

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The Land/Water 2016 symposium, Journeys and Transmission, explores contemporary concerns about our relationship to the world, following the journeys we make as artists and researchers to acquire knowledge and to share an understanding of what it is to be human in the post-industrial era of an increasingly globalized and networked twenty first century. These journeys may be personal – understood as a changing consciousness or a sense of identity and selfhood, or an altered subjective space; conceptual – manifested as a paradigm shift within a philosophical framework or ‘thinking outside the box’; or geographic – driven by social, economic or political imperatives.

Using an engaged, critical lens, we consider the ways in which creative practitioners respond to the land and the waters that flow through it, translating sensory or digital data into material forms. In addition, we are interested in the manner in which information is conveyed/transmitted across time and place – from one generation of people to another, questioning the appropriation of the past as evidence for the writing of history in relation to its use as the source of stories in the present.

Also of relevance are the ways in which ideas are conveyed between practices, or are reshaped in the transmission from one medium to another, or through combination, creating new hybrid forms that extend aesthetic appreciation and cultural critique into new areas.

Delegate registration – please book early
Concessionary: £15
Early-bird delegate: £30
Late-comers: £60

The delegate’s fee includes tea, coffees and refreshments both days, and a buffet lunch on Friday. Optional events include walking with Phil Smith, and presenting your creative work at the portfolio viewing on Friday.
Delegates are welcome to join the speakers and Land/Water research group members for dinner on Thursday evening, but need to pay for themselves.

The Land/Water and the Visual Arts research group at Plymouth University Land/Water includes artists, writers and curators who interrogate nature and culture, aesthetics and representation, questioning imagery and practices relating to land, landscape and place.

Land/Water symposium team 2016
Organisers: Dr Kayla Parker and Polly Macpherson, with Dr Carole Baker
Administrator: Rebekah Cunningham

Rebekah Cunningham [email protected]
Kayla Parker [email protected]
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