Gerry Davies, Drawing Projects UK, Trowbridge
The latest series of works by Gerry Davies speculate on the impact of global warming and rising sea levels. Made in a silvery mix of graphite and varnish they depict interiors, villages, towns and cities that have been smashed and flooded. The submerged environments have a claustrophobic feel, with the repeated figure of a scuba diver adding to an uncertain sense of time.
Until 1 April 2017.

Sarah Carrington, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
This exhibition of landscape paintings by Edinburgh-born artist Sarah Carrington explores the ever-changing face of the Scottish and Irish coastlines. It includes several large-scale triptychs in swathes of colour that highlight the weather systems sweeping across from the Atlantic, plus a set of more intimate drawings in pen, pencil and chalk on handmade paper.
Until 27 March 2017.

Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun, National Portrait Gallery, London
Although they were born almost 70 years apart and came from very different backgrounds, French artist Claude Cahun and British contemporary artist Gillian Wearing share a number of parallels. This show highlights their fascination with the self-portrait and use of the self-image, through the medium of photography, to explore themes around identity and gender, which is often played out through masquerade and performance.
Until 29 May 2017.

Josiah McElheny, White Cube Bermondsey, London
Boston-born artist Josiah McElheny has spent the last decade trying to visualise alternative histories of modernism. Featuring sculpture, painting, film, installation, photograms and posters, this show is divided into three sections, each of which is inspired by an individual: the artist Robert Smithson, the writer Paul Scheerbart and the physicist Andrei Linde.
Until 13 April 2017.

Sooni Taraporevala, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester
This show is the first UK solo exhibition of work by Indian photographer, screenwriter, and filmmaker Sooni Taraporevala. It features a series of black and white photographs depicting life in Bombay and Mumbai, celebrating the odd and the everyday, from 1976 to the present.
Until early 2018.

1. Gerry Davies, Flood Story: Cars and Planes, 2016. Courtesy: Drawing Projects UK
2. Sarah Carrington, Looking North-East, from Iona, triptych. Courtesy: Open Eye Gallery
3. Sooni Taraporevala, Salim and Tukloo, Bombay, 1987. Courtesy: the artist and Sunaparanta

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