Emily Speed, Tate, St Ives
Emily Speed’s video work Rooms Designed for a Woman reflects on how buildings have traditionally been designed and planned by men, while women have tended to spend the most time within them. It is inspired by Speed’s own collection of photographs of architects with their building models, with the film featuring a sequence of vignettes bringing together bodies and architecture. The work is presented in an immersive environment designed by Speed and accompanied by drawings and other materials.
Until 3 May www.tate.org.uk

Jerwood Makers Open, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester
The seventh edition of Jerwood Makers Open comes to Manchester Art Gallery and brings together new commissions by Mark Corfield-Moore, Forest + Found (Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth), Lucie Gledhill, Tana West and a-n Artists Council member Bethan Lloyd Worthington. It includes work in wood, metal, textiles and ceramics that explore process, colour and materials, varying from small exquisitely crafted pieces to a walk-in installation.
Until 4 October www.manchesterartgallery.org

Patrick Goddard: Trip To Eclipse, Matt’s Gallery, London
This new installation by Patrick Goddard centres around an audio piece which sees the artist narrating a tale of a man and his talking dog, Whoopsie, as they take a walk in a newly built imitation abandoned warehouse. As they walk and talk they encounter broken glass curated across the floor, an Arts Council funded climbing frame and a rave organised by the local MP. The exhibition takes its title from a 1990s clothing label more popular in school playgrounds than in the actual rave culture that it gestured towards.
Until 23 February www.mattsgallery.org

Illuminating the Self, Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne
This exhibition of work by Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie responds to ground-breaking research at Newcastle University into a new treatment for epilepsy. It explores the human perspective of living with epilepsy and the neurological processes happening within the brain, with both artists considering the hidden aspects of epilepsy, whether it be revealing the inner workings of the brain or expressing how it feels to have it. The show includes a series of Aldworth’s cyanotypes, plus Carnie’s video work.
Until 29 February www.vane.org.uk

Alex Crocker: End Cottage, TACO!, London
This exhibition of new work by the British artist Alex Crocker features large scale paintings and works on paper. At the heart of his practice is an exploration of painting as a ‘medium and as a practice that is lived’. His daily walks, his domestic routines and family life, are all recorded in simple drawn images made at the kitchen table. Everything from birds, bricks, worms, cars and bikes, to trees, flowers, cats, cups, flies, people and clouds are depicted. The results are drawn, recognisable objects that sit on the cusp of weird abstraction.
Until 15 March www.taco.org.uk

1. Emily Speed, Rooms Designed for a Woman, video still, 2017. Courtesy and copyright: the artist
2. Tana West, Through a Glass Darkly, 2019.
2. Patrick Goddard, ‘Trip To Eclipse’.
3. Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie, Enlightened 6, monotype, 75x56cm, 2015.
4. Alex Crocker, ‘End Cottage’.

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