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Kira Freije, The Dark Away, 2017. Photo: Stuart Whipps
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Artist-led: Recent Activity

Based in Birmingham’s growing cultural quarter Digbeth, Recent Activity seeks to contribute to the area’s artist-led scene without replicating the activity of its more established spaces. Art researchers Doggerland speak to one of the organisation’s founders Andrew Gillespie about working within manageable parameters to offer “something a bit different” to the area.

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At the entrance to the Venice Biennale - Giardini. Photo: Shaun Badham
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Top tips for the Venice Biennale

12 a-n members share their experiences of attending the Venice Biennale. Discover top tips for navigating over 100 exhibitions, gate crashing parties and making your stay affordable.

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Mapping what a guide for artist parents could be: workshop as part of Assembly Bristol, June 2017. Photo: Rich Broomhall
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Top tips for artist parents

A motivational list of practical ‘to-dos’: artist parents share their top tips and ‘survival’ strategies on raising children whilst maintaining and developing an art practice.

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Resource Research paper

One Year On Brexit Survey July 2017: Headlines

Following on from a survey in July 2016 just after the EU referendum, we surveyed our members again one year on to continue to assess the ongoing impact of Brexit. Based on c1,200 survey responses, key headlines are summarised in this briefing paper.

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Workshop with children, 2017. Courtesy: Sarah Blaszczok

A guide to DBS checks

As an artist or freelancer working (on a paid or voluntary basis) in certain environments – such as running workshops in schools or with vulnerable adults – requires you to undertake a check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Educator Sarah Blaszczok explains why a DBS check is needed, how to get one, and the costs involved.

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Tony Heaton: Great Britain from a wheelchair, 1994, constructed from two ex-ministry Vessa wheelchairs. Courtesy: Colin Hambrook
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Disability arts as practice

Colin Hambrook provides an introduction to the history of, and current practices in the field of disability arts, including an overview of key organisations that support disabled visual artists.

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Cubitt Artists at Goods Way, London 1992. Courtesy: Morgan Quaintance
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Cubitt 25 years: an artist-led history

Morgan Quaintance’ documentary explores Cubitt studios, Cubitt gallery and Cubitt education, taking a look at the history and present of the London-based organisation, its previous curators, artists and others who have been involved, as well as glimpsing into its possible future.

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‘Free Art Party’ by Overdraft as part of EBC004 at ebc, Bristol 2016. Courtesy: Kevin Hunt
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Artist-led: further reading

Kevin Hunt compiles a list of both online and in print reading material about the artist-led sector, as a supplement to his essay People like us and the new Artist-Led Hot 100 (version ii).

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Artist-Led Hot 100 (version ii) logo. Design: Sam Jones. Courtesy: Kevin Hunt and Sam Jones
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Artist-Led Hot 100 (version ii)

Kevin Hunt has created a new Artist-Led Hot 100 to celebrate some of the most exciting artist-led activity that has emerged during the past four years, since his original Hot 100 long-list was produced in Summer 2013. Focusing on projects that are “by artists, for artists”, the list highlights artist-led initiatives around the UK that are visibly active right now.

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Preview of ¿AreWeNotDrawnOnwardToNewEra?: the final closing event at g39’s former Mill Lane home, 2 July 2011. Courtesy: Kevin Hunt
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People like us

Kevin Hunt explores the nature of temporariness and expiration, morphing and longevity in artist-led initiatives. Written to coincide with the launch of the Artist-Led Hot 100 (version ii) and Assembly Liverpool, May 2017.

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Juan Bolivar: 'Geometry Wars', solo exhibition at John Hansard gallery, 2008. Photograph: Steve Shrimpton. Courtesy: Juan Bolivar
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A guide for new curators 

Juan Bolivar, an artist and curator, explores the history and practice of curating, and provides ten key questions for independent curators and artists to help guide you in developing your first exhibitions. Bolivar’s painting practice runs parallel to his curating practice; first initiating TRAILER (2001-05) – an artist collective utilising temporary locations to stage exhibitions – and since, going on to curate over 40 exhibitions as an independent curator.

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a-n 2017 General Election Artists’ Toolkit
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2017 General Election Artists’ Toolkit

Advocacy toolkit to support a-n members to make the case for visual art and artists in the run up to the 2017 General Election on 8 June. Provides key messages, ideas for communicating and a sample letter.

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a-n Degree Shows Guide 2017, cover featuring image by Sheree Naqvi, The Peg, BA Fine Art Painting and Drawing, Swansea College of Art
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a-n Degree Shows Guide 2017

The perfect degree show season companion. Includes an in-depth introductory interview with Elizabeth Price, listings of more than 70 shows across the UK, plus contributions from Christine Borland, Nicolas Deshayes, Laura Oldfield Ford and many more practising artists and final-year students. Available on issuu and as downloadable pdf.

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a-n Crowdfunding for the arts workshop – at FYCreatives Blackpool, November 2016, led by Hen Norton. Organised in partnership with LeftCoast. Courtesy: Hen Norton
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Funding your work: crowdfunding and patronage platforms

Hen Norton explores the use of fundraising platforms online and offers her top ten tips to help you build a sustainable creative business or project, and reach a wider and more engaged network of supporters through crowdfunding. 

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Emily Speed, The Committee, 2015. Courtesy: Emily Speed
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Assessing opportunities

Artists and advisers identify key questions to ask to help sift the good opportunities from the mediocre, and the downright mendacious.

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Symposium 'The giver, the guest and the ghost: the presence of art in public realms'. General views, Oslo Pilot, 2016, Oslo. Photograph: Ane Mari Aakernes
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Oslo Pilot: the giver, the guest and the ghost

Oliver Bennett reflects on the challenges of introducing art into the public realm, following his attendance at Oslo Pilot’s symposium, as the city seeks to challenge the existing biennial format and enable new dialogues with its public space.

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