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Red & Green

A studio visit with curator Helen Nisbet (currently curatorial fellow at Cubitt Gallery London) included discussion around mapping spaces, particularly the presentation and re-presentation of place in paint.  I have been deeply involved in a commission to make work in […]

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One year anniversary (plus a month)

I’m writing this on the train. Life seems to have got so busy I haven’t written the blog for a while and its now  a year and a month since I started my artist’s residency in motherhood.  I haven’t really […]

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Wellcome Library
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Birth Control – Artist in the archive.

Drawing on the rich archive material held at the Wellcome Library. The North Kensington Women’s Welfare Centre was the 3rd birth control clinic established in England in 1924.

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Resident Artist at The Florence Trust

  A compulsive hoarder is probably too strong a term to describe myself, but I do like to keep things, and enjoy spending my studio practice time archiving and labelling them in my various folders, files and boxes. To sit […]

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National Museum Wales Cardiff

Many thanks to Beth McIntire, Senior Curator Prints and Drawings, and Nick Thornton, Head of Fine and Contemporary Art, for giving up their time to show me the stored works on paper, prints and fantastic drawings by Gaudier-Brzeska. Since then […]

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A cultural commons
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A Cultural Commons

Ben White and Eileen Simpson created the Open Music Archive to distribute music that no longer has copyright protection. Their project looks at ways you can distribute your work but still control some of its uses.

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Unseen Unheard
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The art is in the process

The problem of exhibiting the product when the art is in the process – Chris Young considers the shortfalls of the gallery experience in exhibiting process-based art.

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