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A compulsive hoarder is probably too strong a term to describe myself, but I do like to keep things, and enjoy spending my studio practice time archiving and labelling them in my various folders, files and boxes.

To sit on the floor or at my desk and look, remember and revisit the concert, movie, play, museum or exhibition. Who knows what will happen to them when my demise comes. Will anyone care? The majority of them are some form of paper: a ticket, handout or postcard. But no matter how hard I try to cull my collection these things need to be kept and archived. It is something that is fundamental to my practice but also in some way a process as I try to make sense of time.

In August I started my residency at The Florence Trust in London. Currently, I am trying to work out my surroundings and how my collections fit into this place. I have begun researching the architectural history of St Saviours Church, skimming books on Gothic Revival Architecture. Somewhere, in my parents cellar, I know that there is a box full of old photographs and slides of various churches and their interiors I think this might be my next starting point.