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Stiwdio Maelor residency progress

This last week at Stiwdio Maelor will from a basis of collecting further surface castings in Corris; these will form a series of development and research for a new body of work. Since beginning this residency my work has developed […]

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Is a sketchbook essential? I always thought not…

Sketching and drawing has always been a bit of a challenge for me, I’ve never quite felt liberated enough to just draw for the sake of drawing, and like other creatives I know I’ve never really used drawing to flesh […]

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Paul Liptrot Artist, Petri Latex Series 2017. Close up image
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Emerging themes, embracing shadows!

I don’t know if it’s just the time of year but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the direction of my practice and how my concerns have both evolved and clarified into some conceptual ideas that will impact on my ways of working.

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Portraits part 2…abandoned !

Have decided to abandon this. It was meant to be part of my final MA project but somehow didn’t fit into my Learning Agreement. Have been really struggling with writing this document but having discovered a very useful book – […]

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Serendipitous Symposium

Artists in the Field: Ephemeral Landscapes and Experimental Geographies A personal response to the symposium within the context of my own art practice ‘If in doubt return to the field’ was Dr Harriet Hawkins’ opening to the symposium, Artists in […]

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Last summer I took up running. Similarly to an art practice, running is also a type of practice that takes a certain degree of commitment and sacrifice. It is an action undertaken often silently and alone. It can be exhilarating, […]

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Artist as Leader Research Report
Research Leadership

The Artist as Leader Research Report

Detailed academic report demonstrating empirical research and methodology used to research the notion of the artist as leader. Provides the evidential background to the “Leading through Practice” papers.

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Leading through practice

Part of an AHRC-funded ‘Artist as Leader’ research programme, notions of the artist as a cultural leader are discussed within the framework of their significant role as social entrepreneurs and catalysts for cultural change.

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Outer space cover
Research Cultural value

Future forecast: Outer space

Part of a-n’s 2005-06 Future forecast series, to mark its 25th anniversary, Outer space investigates the interface between artists’ practice and the socio-political domain.

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