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Off Topic

SO yes this is off topic and possibly not the place: when I give the link to my lecturers what will they say when they see something that is not directly MA related.   Well I argue that this is […]

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Artist Meet Up: SUCCESS

So it’s a bit of a cheat putting this here as it is not directly linked to my MA.  However if you are like me and believe that art is life then it is indeed appropriate to post here. As […]

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Workshop anyone?

I’d like to get a few folks together and deliver/lead some sort of textiles workshop for artists. Not a craft workshop, an artist workshop. That’s not to say I can’t demonstrate a few techniques along the way, but I think […]

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The Send Off

It sounds a little egocentric, I think, to non-artists, to say that I spent four hours just talking about my work to people… and yes, of course, to a certain extent it is, but it is more than that. There […]

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