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Beep Painting Biennial 2024: I won’t stay in a world without love

We invite artists from all over the world to submit their work for consideration in our upcoming Beep Painting Biennial Exhibition. This exhibition aims to celebrate the diverse and vibrant world of painting, showcasing the creativity and talent of artists across the globe.


Inside the Physical

An Essay on Katie Tomlinson’s Exhibition ‘Fight the Moon’ – exhibition continues to 18th December 2021

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Achieving freedom

When I began this residency, I promised myself I would not overthink. I would not attempt to resolve conceptual concerns. I would remain open to possibility in everything I did. And I would only do what I wanted to do, […]

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Finding the figure

Well over halfway into this residency. A daily routine is nicely established, and interesting insights emerge every day. First, magic happens after at least five or six  hours play-work on a variety of meditative tasks (another layer of papier mâché […]

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Maximising time and space

What’s special for me about working in this space in this  residency? What’s to stop me clearing out my usual studio space of all old stuff, and committing to a month of new exploration there instead? Leaving aside the obvious absurdity […]

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