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Improvisation or ‘What is this place?’

Today I let improvisation control my morning walk. I needed a plant for a friends birthday, a look at an old wooden trawler, which is  about to be broken up, and some exercise mixed with a bit of freedom from […]

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Exhibition time

As is usual these days my time has been incredibly stretched by pretty much every element of my life.  My day job has been ridiculous and home life (happily) more demanding than ever – throw into the mix feverish activity […]

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Welcome to Grantium

One of the fantastic things about receiving my professional development bursary from a-n is that I can now try making a Grant for the Arts application and use my bursary as the match funding I’ll need to support the application. So here […]

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Narrative art and the exhibition

I’m busy developing the work for my next exhibition, which is themed on the Arctic Convoys that supplied the USSR and the Eastern Front during 1941-45. Using paintings and sculpture I hope to give viewers a sense of what it […]

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Sea Marks by Rhona Taylor
Event Exhibition

Sea Marks

  • Coming soon
  • Venue:
    Patriothall Gallery
  • From:
    May 06, 2017
  • To:
    May 14, 2017
  • Location:
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