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Art Theory and Reflective Process

In December I submitted the final drafts to the first two modules on the MA. I navigated and battled my way through feminist artists in history and women who have presented work relating to the relationships they hold with their […]

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Mapping what a guide for artist parents could be: workshop as part of Assembly Bristol, June 2017. Photo: Rich Broomhall
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Top tips for artist parents

A motivational list of practical ‘to-dos’: artist parents share their top tips and ‘survival’ strategies on raising children whilst maintaining and developing an art practice.

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On money, blades of glass and the Gideons

A staggering 8 years after the last post on this blog, I wondered whether what I was writing in 2008/2009 is still relevant today. Essentially I was asking: Where do we stand, as artists, within the UK economy? How do we relate […]

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It Takes a Village: Models for Mother Artists event at Atelier Stroud, 23 April 2017, from 'Mother House' session with Dyana Gravina and Amy Dignam from ProCreate project. Photo: the Women's Art Activation System (WAAS)
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Models for mother artists: how to maintain your practice as a parent

Being a mother of young children and continuing your art practice is incredibly difficult. Inspired by a recent symposium exploring the challenges of being a ‘mother artist’, Frances Bossom – who presents a ‘Proposal for a Guide for Art Parents’ at June’s a-n Assembly event in Bristol – calls for an approach that values the complex reality of motherhood.

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Mothers’ Day

We have moved house and this has shifted a lot of things. For example, we now have a carpet (circa 1965) which makes for a different kind of floor and I haven’t found a way to create drawings here yet. […]

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In cases of sickness

I entered my studio today and find an unfamiliar smell, which i discover comes from a baby beaker full of off milk. I vaguely recall bringing it in last week. It’s been another week of illness with Abie up most […]

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Not Travelling Light

I haven’t written this blog for over a month. The teaching term started, and I’ve been sucked into a vortex of emails, admin, studio teaching, not to mention childcare problems, and other juggling acts. We just got back from Barcelona […]

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End of the summer

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been back in West London working on the textiles project, and the group have produced some wonderful work. On the last day everyone brought cakes and sweets to share from all over the world (well […]

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Collaborating, nourishing and distilling

My meeting with artist and musician Rebecca Lee happened quite by chance, but turned out to be a really fortuitous encounter. We introduced ourselves at a special moving image event (Film Free and Easy) at Primary (the studio space where […]

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Catching up with the hidden part!

Since my last post, virtually all my time has been taken up with the Artist as Mother as Artist project. This was a jointly curated exhibition (and accompanying events) with Sam Rose, and we were over the moon to receive […]

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tell me about your mother…

I am collecting stories about mothers, exploring the complex subject of maternal relationships. I invite visitors to come and sit in my pseudo-domestic setting, and ‘tell me about your mother…’

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  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here And so I stitch. No more music to be done until March sessions, so I listen to what has already been done while I stitch. And I listen to the songs to be re-recorded […]

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