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A Q&A with… John Stezaker, collage artist and first-time curator

John Stezaker, known for his photographic collages constructed from found images, has turned curator for ‘Turning to See: From Van Dyck to Lucian Freud’ at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Anneka French talks to the artist about his new departure, how he selected works for the show, and where his own art fits in.

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News News feature

A Q&A with… Alex Katz, painter

At 88, the American painter Alex Katz is as prolific as ever, producing large-scale works and exhibiting widely. With a new show just opened at the Serpentine Gallery, Fisun Güner talks to the Brooklyn-born, Manhattan-based artist about finding his way in the 1950s, getting noticed in the 1990s, and hitting his stride in his later years.

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