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The Artist is Not Present – jumping off a cliff

We Are Invisible We Are Visible (WAIWAV) On 2 July 2022, 31 Disabled artists disrupted 30 locations with surreal interventions, in recognition of the 102nd anniversary of the first Dada International Exhibition. Dada is dead. Long live Dada! The Artist is […]

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A close up photograph of feet wearing high heeled blue suede t-bar shoes with a blue suitcase and wooden ladder in the distance.
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The Artist is Not Present

Possibly a one-off blog, but perhaps a series of posts about my work for the We Are Invisible We Are Visible project. We Are Invisible We Are Visible was presented by DASH, the disabled led visual arts organisation, and was awarded the 2021 Ampersand Prize.

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Now Showing #292: The week’s top exhibitions

A selection of recommended shows, including: Alice Morey’s material rituals at The RYDER, London; the first UK retrospective for Anna Boghiguian at Tate St Ives; and Susan Hiller, Elizabeth Price and Georgina Starr at Site Gallery, Sheffield.

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Site Gallery
2 February 2007 to 4 April 2007

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