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First nice surprise

In response to the publicity I sent out about my award, I have been invited to submit a paper to the Southampton Solent Research & Innovation Conference. They are interested in practice related research and would like me to talk […]

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Eye of the Needle

One of the great things to have come out of my Stitched Time project has been that the artists involved have formed a loose group, which can expand and shrink and whose members flag up interesting events to go to […]

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Residency Artist Talk

I gave an artist talk in my studio with a little performative twist by changing my title t-shirts during each section. For example I started wearing my ‘Artist’ t, followed by ‘Tour Guide’ when talking about Manchester as a city […]

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Balancing Act

During my stay I have found it really difficult to see other performances, do my own work and balance spending time with the family. Even though I have this amazing studio it doesn’t stop me from hearing my baby cry […]

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