Sore back today – lay down on a hard floor all morning.

This afternoon I got myself sat up and as I couldn’t move around much I decided to make something – so armed with a beautiful little old pocket book of trees and shrubs I sat happily cutting away.

Gave me an idea, I love artist book work, I forget I love it until I start doing some again but then I fall in love all over again.

I might try to include my love of artists books within my MA practice.

My plans to try and take a shop in New Ferry as a visitor centre are still ongoing but I thought a bit of pre planning as to what would go into the shop might be good.

I like the idea of a visitor centre but as an artist and not a botanist or Entomologist I don’t want to try and do anything too ‘real’.

I think an installation about the Butterfly Park with references to a visitor centre would work better for me and yet would still have the ‘feel’ of a visitor centre with only some of the necessary facts. I like the idea of someone coming in and opening up a fact sheet to find some beautiful drawings or a collage or something.

Where there would be a library/book shop section I might have an artists book section, with books all relevant to nature. Julie Dodd made some beautiful little butterfly books for the open day, each one was shaped like a different butterfly and the pages contained facts about that butterfly. If/when I get a space I’d like to have other people’s books there too as a mini artist book showcase.

So today I made a book – quite like it too. I cut a tree shape from each page of the book until it was small enough to become a leaf. Its meant to reference deforestation and its effects on the ecology and atmosphere.

The cut-outs were lovely too so I stuck them all on top of each other as a relief – the rebuilding of the paper trees indicating the planting of new trees.

Anyway,only at the idea stage, need to try some butterfly and insect books too, have posted a photo.


Posted yesterday and then forgot to publish it – div!

Anyway, today I had a very constructive tutorial with my lecturer via Skype.

I’ll post that in my other blog methinks.

I’m opening the park up on Sunday 12-2 until another volunteer takes over 2-4, it’s such a shame we can only open Sunday afternoons but I suppose that’s what I’ll have to work towards improving.


It has took me this long to recover and catch up in work.

The Open Day at the Butterfly Park was fantastic, I can’t thank all my friends enough for helping out.

So many late nights really did pay off in the end, we had 400 visitors and even though it was more about raising awareness, we raised a princely sum of £374.36p.

So many people were chatting and telling me how they didn’t know the park was there, so raising awareness worked.

Emma’s Elastatone work was a big hit, all kinds of people young and old were making ‘music’ and all the other art was much admired.

I met the head of Cheshire Wildlife Trust who thanked me for all my efforts, as did all the Butterfly Park team, though I couldn’t have done it without them either. We do make a good team I think.

2 local schools would like workshops and I have also been approached by a local resident who is setting up a ‘regeneration’ shop within New Ferry and would like to discuss my putting work in or more. Great news, this is exactly the type of response I was hoping for.

I’ve posted some photos on the facebook group http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=20600&id=112509052095055&ref=mf

but theres a few on here too.