Mapping is actually harder than I first thought and yet very therapeutic.

Mind map first, working out what I’ve done, where I did it, who helped, who’s linked to who etc etc.

It actually does help to clarify things and then as it was just boxes + lines I just had to do another one that looked pleasing to the eye. I mean, what’s the point of a mind map if you don’t like to look at it.

That done I’m now wondering whether to go further and actually colour it in, or am I just getting carried away now?

The map we have of the park now is VERY basic to say the least, I mean it does it’s job – its a map but again, not exactly pleasing to look at. However the team seem to think it’s ok and who am I to argue, it’s their park after all but I needed to do a new map for me, even if no-one else ever uses it and so I did and then as it’s just for me why not go all out and make it co-ordinate with new all singing all dancing mindmap and so that’s exactly what I did.

It’s even in scale, are you impressed?

I spent 2 days pacing out each bit of the park and re-checking. 1cm to 10 paces – that’s a scale of sorts…right?

I couldn’t quite fit on every type of insects, birds or plants we have on site, there are way too many but I managed to get a fair few of the favourites in at least.


Ok just found out this blog is in the top 10 artists blogs on a-n so now I feel guilt ridden for not updating…sorry :( Thanks to those people who do take time to read this, I always seem to forget real people read what I write. Always quite shocked (pleasantly surprised) when I receive a comment.

In my defence I’ve been up the wall busy..honestly.

However to update now, I’m busily setting up some workshops, I’d like to have a photography one but we can’t get funding to bring over the lady I’d like to have, it’s across the other side of the country and even if we charged a fee to pay her what if the people didn’t pay up or turn up.

So I’m a bit along the lines of trying to get a local photographer to run a day and then by next year if all is well with the land ownership issues, we can fundraise to do things like this and actually pay the artists a proper fee, that is my ideal.

One of our artists was going to run a paper kiln making day where people could paint pre made pots and fire them at the park, it sounded fantastic but again, he had to pull out due to needing to get paid work.

So I’m up for ideas but I’m doing some drawing days myself and a few children’s workshop days too and I think I’m going to have to realise that I’ve actually achieved quite a lot already this last 2 years and all this will stand us in good stead to apply to fund more for next year.

I have 3 school workshops set up and am trying to organise taking the caravan and/or mobile allotment to 3 local fete days just to draw more attention to the park.

I’m also mapping, Saturday will be spent pacing out and drawing a new map of the park for me to use, one that’s not quite so basic as the presently used one and I’ve been doing some mind maps too – recommended by my tutors and found it’s really helped for me to see how far it’s all come, how far I’ve come since my initial idea of producing “A” piece of work for the butterfly park.