So I am organising a BIG LUNCH this Sunday 18th July.

which will probably be more of a small lunch but hey…it will be fun


I only decided to do it a couple of weeks ago and haven’t had time to plan for it so it’s going to be a gazebo, a table or two, some bunting and some food…that’s it!

But in my favour, I have a beautiful nature park so I’m sure that’ll make up for the rest.

I have some butterfly masks to print out for kids to colour in too….surely that will be enough. I hope.

The plans for the visitor centre are not good, I can’t apply for any funding until the ownership battle is over and I can’t afford to pay out for a local shop on my wage – the cheapest I could find was £500pm…..eek

So I think I may do a vistor centre in a van, ahh the things this van has planned for it . Studio/allotment/visitor centre

ANyway – yes – mobile visitor centre in time for next summer season (May-Sept) meaning I would be able to go out an about to schools, universities, community centres etc and entice them to visit the park.

My plans are coming along …very nicely.