I know the MA is finished now but I’m staying with the Butterfly Park on the committee as a Board Member now. I got so passionate about the place that I can’t leave.

So I have applied for two lots of funding. The first one has 6 days left of voting, anyone can sign up and vote, you get 3 votes so have a look at your local projects too!!

At time of writing I have 99 votes, 100 would be lovely.

MANY more would be fantastic. If we do win some money we can put on a whole lot of fabulous workshops in the Butterfly Park next summer.

Here’s the link.


The Empty Shops Project held a vote within the local area forum. All the applicants gave a 3minute presentation and were allowed to answer 3 questions from those attending.

It was terrifying but I have done my best for the park and can only hope now. This could potentially be a fantastic project. It would allow me to take on a shop in New Ferry, promote the Butterfly Park and have 6 artists in residence over the course of the project with a pot of money for each artist and enough money to pay for artists and more to give further (free) workshops on site.

The local people would benefit tonnes, not just art workshops but local history, environmental, greening the community… planting sessions, butterfly attracting plants all over New Ferry. I really want a New Ferry Butterlfy Town ultimately, can you imagine it?

My bit is done.

I don’t find out until January and we are up against some great projects bidding. I am keeping fingers and toes firmly crossed.