Wheel – Propeller and what follows

Our creation of form – our systems of motion

First state

The human being, walks, he strides. The movement is discontinuous, from point to point –

The whole soul must touch the ground.

The moving force – 

the organic energy of the human body.

The moving apparatus –

the systems of bones and muscles.

The Egyptian Pyramid: so that a point at a height of 150 metres could be reached, a stone ,ountain was piled up on top of a colossal foundation.


Second state

The first – invention – the WHEEL. The discontinuous walking changes into continuous rolling, the wheel touches the ground in one spot.

The moving force –

as in Sate 1, or steam, exploding gas, electricity.

The moving apparatus –

as in State 1, or the system of connecting-rod, cylinder, etc. of the machine.

Now systems of construction are being invented – not the piling up of material, but the arranging of it into supporting and separating agents. The Pantheon, the aqueducts, the great halls, the skyscrapers, the Eiffel Tower.

While buildings rise up and new energies are exploited, the speed of the rolling wheel increases and a new shape originates – MOVABLE ARCHITECTURE – the Pullman car, dining-car, ocean liner. The train – a rolling, collective dwelling.


Third state

The second invention – SCREW, PROPELLER. The continuous rolling changes into continuous gliding.

NAUEN Here the 250-metre aerial mastsstand in one spot. The Egyptian Pyramid is obsolete.

The flying human being is at the frontier – at the frontier of the old conceptions. A new energy must be released, which provides us with a system of movement (for example, a movement which is not based on friction, which offers the possibility of floating in space and remaining at rest). The new design must supersede the old machine, which is only an imitation of the human hand. Only inventions will determine design. Even for the revolutions new forms must be invented.


“The universe is something that is so big that you cannot even imagine. It is like a big black hole where you can travel forever and you do not know if you will ever reach an end. Nobody has ever reached an end before. There is no gravity so there would be no continuous falling, there would be a continuous spiraling.” Anna, 2014.


Rules for Cosmic Tissue

1. Perform as slowly as possible.

2. Hold positions for as long as possible even if you feel unstable. Either grab the bar or fall. Do not turn it into another movement or trick.<br />

3. Keep in mind instability and balance.

4. Try not to look at me when I record you.

5. Position yourself so your face or movement is directed towards the camera.

6. “it can be much longer”





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