Areas of Interest

  • Challenge – How to ‘connect’ the old and present communities by exploring the trace of the past.
  • The role of re-enactment; how much is done, what form does it take, what community involvement is there; is it factual; does it refer to time? This has links with artists’ performance practice.
  • Site-specific performance as an outcome.
  • Use of language-based interpretation, performance and digital sound.


Thematic Concept

The confrontation with the object

  • This confrontation can highlight the eerie, weird, the strange, among other things
  • That confrontation is the way that we (humans) trace our understanding of the object, its use and meaning, age and material qualities.
  • The juxtaposition of erasure and creation; the meeting point of these two opposites is where transformation and creativity takes place.


Per-formative Action

In re-enactments, you are transported completely to another place and time. There is no trace of the present there. Art practice can explore this trace; essentially discussing the passage of time to create a new interpretation of this period of transformation.



  • NOT to transport you to another time or place through literal re-enactment.
  • Thinking about how an object changes over time.
  • Thinking about how an object gets erased/transformed.



  • To ‘connect’ the ancient and post-modern communities by exploring the traces of the past through the Scottish Crannog Centre’s collection, landscape, buildings and people.
  • To highlight a trace/transformation of an object from one state to another state.
  • To discuss why we are confronting this object.
  • Process of how/why the object is now here, in its current state.
  • To enable audience to experience time and temporality through a durational performance artwork.



  • To develop a creative methodology that traces the changes of an object over time, that staff can repeat / apply to other objects (eg. compare & contrast); literally leaving a trace.
  • To develop a creative methodology that investigates the traces of the ancient community, and that staff can use to ‘connect’ past and present communities in the future.
  • A set of instructions for a performance that can be repeated.
  • Creation of a professional performance piece to be performed in a gallery/theatre (durational piece)
  • Creation of a performance piece to be performed at the Scottish Crannog Centre (30 mins max).
  • A digital sound work.