I am thrilled to be working as the Artist in Residence at The Scottish Crannog Centre this Spring. The post is supported by the SGSAH (Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities) and will run from the end of January to the end of April 2019.

Traveling back in time 2500 years is an exciting prospect for any artist! I am interested in the idea of ‘traces’ and ‘fragments’ and how an artist can use these leftover pieces to create new work. I see this method as a way to further explore the ‘traces’ left behind from the Iron–age community who lived at the crannog, using facts, objects and our imagination to aid this interpretation.

Over the residency period, I will be developing new artwork and aim to develop a digital artwork using sound recording and musical composition to create a pieces that reflects interpretations of life at the crannog. I hope that this digital audio piece can be installed at the museum. I also plan to developing a performance-based piece using sound, text and drawing to be presented as part of the residency outcomes.


Links to PhD Research

My research and investigation into this topic focuses on how we, as artists’, create and construct communicative contexts within practice. With my focus on sound, my practice-based research will question how artists create and present communicative forms and how these are expressed and presented through artwork. This work takes the form of recorded speech and observed human interactions where the original narrative becomes questioned and a new, quasi-fictional narrative ‘constructed’ by the artist through digital sound post-production, the creation of artworks and the display of art installation pieces. The original is always referenced, however the viewer is experiencing a new form of this narrative.

Sound can exist in isolation, separate from other sensory experiences. My interest is in this lack/trace of visual material and I see this assisting listeners to form their own meaning and interpretations as they listen – essentially they ‘become’ part of the work generating meaning from the ‘gaps’ I have left, based on their own personal experiences.