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Luxuriating in the way the paint swirls, clings and disengages from its support. It changes constantly, both during the process of application, whilst drying and after. I am not a painter. For the last 18 months at least, I have been attempting to use paint as a 3D medium. Moving on from the sculptural process, I am now trying to create wall-based work that sits uncomfortably on the wall, that aligns to neither sculpture nor painting. The sensuousness of the paint as medium and process also aligns to the sound work I have been doing, to the way sound inhabits the head and the body. The connections are in both the mental and physical process and materials. I had begun to think of my practice as one where thinking time vastly outweighed the making time. This line of enquiry has brought the two strands together.

Other activities include the curating of two exhibitions; one now installed and open, the other well on the way. This has really helped me understand the curatorial thinking process.

One way I am continually failing, though, is posting blogs. Since the change in the web site, I am continually writing them, straight on site as I find that the most immediate way for me to post, trying to add media and not saving before doing so. Wish the Save button was at the top of the page, not out of site at the bottom!