Nipped Jeannie up to the allotment to get spinach and picked greens for supper.

Laid out the stem prints and they looked like sewing/sowing. This links with the seed collection and the seed table/seed pot. There is a seeding embroidery stitch. Will concentrate on stitches this week.

I wonder what will arise from the discipline of working on the plot; of the daily observation sessions and the plant drawing.



As well as sorting out our invitations, the weekend break has allowed a little time for trying out ideas.

I have

sorted out my seedsmade packets for themthought about how to make a seed cataloguecovered a plant pot with thistle seeds




We have set a date for our Open Day and have been finalising our invitations, though it seems that our printed cards will not be of much use now because of the postal strike. We will have to send most of our invitations by e-mail.

Although time is rushing by, it is exciting to have an event to work towards.



Went to work yesterday, it seemed odd not to be on the allotment and to chalk up the date, weather and lesson. Spent the evening sorting, grouping, deleting photos.

The stem prints are dry enough to cut into strips this morning. Time to pause and consider. I think about the aims of the residency: to look, to learn and to see what it is like working in residence. I notice how my love of the allotment has grown. Another aim is to find out about collaboration; to see how Judith and I can work together; does the allotment collaborate?

I realise that despite measuring the allotment in runner beans, bodylengths, carrots and courgettes, I have no idea of the length and width of the allotment in standard measurements of feet, yards, metres. What I remember is lying on the damp grass, the smell of the freshly pulled carrot and how the runner bean turned as I measured.



One crow sat on top of the elder and called to another perched on a lamppost. Lots of birdsong on this damp dewy morning.

After our conflab, the sun came out and we printed stems together.

Simon turned up as we were eating a late lunch and we discussed shelters. We collected seeds and started the seed table.

Halfway through the residency and time to start 100 lines.