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Seems like ages ago now, but on the last weekend of October, two of us (myself and Jackie Kerr) from the Liverpool section of our group headed over to Nottingham to see the Harrington Mill Open Studio event, including an exhibition by Artemis Potamianou  http://www.axisweb.org/p/chriswright/event/5141-harrington-mill-open-studios-and-searching-the-unknown-masterpiece-artist-artemis-potamianou/

To re cap, we met the artists from Harrington Mill while we were in Athens….  and it was like one of those clichéd holiday moments, when you meet someone, get on well and they say ‘ hey – you must come and visit us sometime’ … and next minute, we turn up on the door step. Ha Ha

Joking apart though, we had an amazing, really productive time with lots of talking and planning for the future.

Lead HMS artist Jackie Berridge,  met us at the station and took us over to the studios.

I’d been to quite a few open studios, but I must admit, I’d never seen any as organised as this one!  We were welcomed with a huge food and drink spread before being shown round each of the artists spaces.  We immediately recognised a few artists from Athens, so it was great to catch up with them and see what other work they had.

I loved the way cards, magazines, books and other publications were neatly spread out for visitors to browse through.

They’d produced  a few books (as a group) and they looked so professional. We were going to go down that route at one time, but had to scale back our plans because of our budget. Just producing one book though, rather than a stack to give out, would work well.

That’s just one of the ideas we are going to pinch from them!

I chatted with studio artist  Chris Wright – who told me she had received an a-n bursary to write a review of the Neon exhibition at the Grundy.  https://www.a-n.co.uk/reviews/neon-the-charged-line  We exchanged cards and have been in touch with each other since.

After an overnight stay with  artist Alison Whitmore , we headed back to the studios, to greet the Sheffield  members of our group who were just visiting for the day.

It was such a huge achievement to get us all together like this – to make so many connections in a relatively short period of time.

Plans for a joint exhibition between the groups are already underway…






Me and Michael Borkowsky in Jackie Berridge’s studio.