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i wonder if the edge might be a dynamic thing so it’s whereabouts is known yet remains undefined.


as soon as i woke this morning i could tell i was better rested than yesterday.  i sit more comfortably with the unexpected news of yesterday.

there was more unexpected news today however this time is was of e-motion not working due to a date outage.  quite the difference in news.


after exploring the date issue i found myself in a cul de sac de l’entraînement.  i know there are many things to attend to and none of them seemed possible.  i fell back into house work, washing up and cleaning.  with all the family at home at the moment the days seem to pass faster than when i’m on my own. an interesting phenomenon.


have you seen the charlie brooker screen wipe for 2014?  there’s a section in the programme where a documentary maker looks at russian politics and specifically putin’s adviser.  if you’ve seen it you’ll know about the confusion this man sets up so that on the outside no one knows what’s really happening on the inside relative to the outside.

reflecting back to the radio three podcast about the rules of abstraction with collings et al, i remember how collings talked about his work with briggs being about bringing order to the chaos.

the research i’m doing seems to be going the other way.  from the beautifully ordered visual programme i create chaos from an interaction with the work.  with one particular work in progress this chaos takes the form of a sonic sculpture.

i’ve started playing with my arduino christmas present.


the arduino platform is open source so there is a good selection of information and code available to play with.  i’d love to jump immediately into the worlds of bluetooth, wifi, xyz sensing and serial control of led. for now though i’ll stick with the basic components and get familiar with the coding and comfortable with the hardware.   today i’ve been playing with temperature sensing and led output.