once upon a time there was a fair prince. he had many animals and around him were many people who helped him and coveted his success.

in the princes life all was good and all around him was lovely.  something altered and no one knew what happend.

he continued to grow and go out into the world.  he met many people and all who met him liked his manner and what he did.

as the prince grew older he started to question his very routine of meeting new people and doing what was expected of him.

he sort something new to excite him. it took him away from what he’d known for years and at first this was very appealing.

in time he saw that what he’d moved to was becoming very like what had moved away from, something wasn’t quite working to make the prince  feel he belonged in this new place.

he kept positive and tried to be happy even though inside there was a growing feeling of something isn’t right.

he needed to do something …

the something wasn’t immediately obvious …

the prince decided to remain calm and wait …


i run around sometimes,  this most often happens when i get excited about something because things click into place and i feel good.

this can happen both physically and in words.

i’ve been reflecting about my recent post art comment.  i note that there has been little or no reaction/comments to what i wrote.  a similarilty to when i round around in a place…left to my own devices like a 6 year on excessive sugar.

i’ve also been having to reflect about my laptop.   the warning appeared the other day of the start up disc being almost full.  it’s given me cause to take a closer look at the contents of the hard drive and consider do i need all of ths data.  so far i’ve freed up 40 gb of space.  this has been achieved by a combination of deletion and data disc making.

in going back through the contents i start to see just how many things i’ve investigated and created with a sound file, image or video file for.  the investigations rarely reaching a point of conclusion and me putting something out there for all to potentially see.

tomorrow is another day of submission results.  i don;t hold out much hope, again the submission being made because it i didn’t apply there would have been that uncertainty going forward.  it’ll be lovely to be sucesful but i’ve experience failure so often i’m kind of accustemed to it by now.

i’m sensing the need to finish something.

as yet it’s not clear what that is.

at this time of year working digitally is a real bore as there is much sun and blue sky to sit underneath.  i’m looking forward to this week there are lots of activities happening outdoors.

once i know what the submission has achived i can start to plan what it is i’ll finish.

as for the gfa ?

the other parties in the inception of the idea are being slow to engage and as they suggested it … i’m waiting to see if any further momentum is forth coming.

no title today, i wore myself out running around.


an unexpected email this afternoon entitled “Axisweb quoted you in a story”

wow i thought, what have i done to be quoted by axisweb?

https://storify.com/Axisweb/beyond-the-gallery  (sorry the embed function isn;t working with this and i’ve added it to the list of things to fix and i know the list of things to be fixed is being worked through, so patience please one and all.)


so yes, there i am this afternoon looking at the storify thread from axisweb connected by the hasgtag beyond the gallery.  i meet via his interviews alistair hudson :



i listen to what he has to say.  i like how he’s suggesting that everything that is can remain as it is.  using where he works as the example he’s describing how he’s attempting to put into practice the theories he has formed.  for me i quickly get a sense of another “post” moment.

for sometime i’ve considered myself within a post capitalist setting, capitalism still existing i’m simply in a post frame of mind.

so what if what alistair is suggesting to a post art way of thinking.  everyone currently doing art continues to do art and for those who chose to, to work in a post art way.

through my forest school training i’m starting to learn about maslow’s hierachy of needs.  it pertains to the needs of an individual and begins with breathing, food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep.  at forest school with these met the learner is set for their journey that if all goes well, culminates in self actualisation.

alistair speaks of the miners able to get a shower, this reminds me of maslow’s thinking.

so in post art, how do those involved in post art accomodate the needs of the individuals taking part?  i think alistair has some answers for this.

his stance on art having meaning resonates with an holistic approach.  again this is something that for me is coming out of forest school.

post art as an holistic cultural valuable thing.

i’m a big fan of post art.

my hope for post art is that it discovers that art has massess of emotional intelligence along with bags of resilience so that art gives post art a massive hug and they both go for a coffee and find out more about each other.





a beautiful swan swam into the lake and gazed upon all she could see.  it was a difficult place as her recent flight to new waters was tainted by loss.

on the shore stood a boy, solitary and deep in thought.  he took a few steps to the left…. stopped.

moments later the boy once again took off, this time in a similar but different direction.  the swan swam beatifully some more.

the boy had to come to realise that all the hard work for the beautiful swan took place where he could not see but only know of it.

the boy stood.


he thought so much that he knew not want he thought anymore. .. time to walk again, his legs in full view for all around the lake to see.

like a radar dish he repeatidly looked across the lake to see if anyone would see his movement.  there was only a vista with a large old building in the distance.

the swan remained beautiful.

the boy remained hopeful.