is there such a thing as grvity glue holding everything together for us and helping the future to be what the future will be?

starting with a question gives me somewhere to begin and hopefully go some way to get the post ranked beter in the google panda algorithm.  i say this but haven;t actually performed all the necessary things required by the panda to make it happy.

i’ve been reflecting for a week or so now now about funding.  on graduation the sithe of cuts came down through funding and at the time i was determined not to let this affect me.  in fact i had a succesful arts council funding bid, so for me it wasn’t all bad. having adopted a model of not primarily looking for fundingin my own practice i’ve seen how the corridor arts practice has made steady slow progress with the help of small funding pots a times that have proved to be key in the development of the practice.

this run of development has been looking a little bump of late as i realise i’ve made a bad call.  for the art walk i deemed it unnecessary to look for funding, the model of put the call out locally, chargea small fee to help with costs and we’ll be indundated i thought.

we still might be indundated.


there’s a shift that i need to note though.  the call out goes beyond the opportunity of bring your paintings to this place and we’ll display them and if you sell any we’d like some of that to because we put the work in to creating  the market opportunity.

my dream for the art walk was inspired by grizedale and i’ve written at length about the experience.  what i wanted to see with the art walk was a place-making experience by the introduction of temporary art works into an area of the parks.  i imagined myself making works within this area and realised that i would need help to make enough to make the experience interesting.  reflection now i wonder how did i know what “enough” was.

it’s been bugging me for several weeks that we have had such a low response.  there is of course still time so i need to remain optimistic and not panic.  i am to some extent in a bit of a panic.

what i’m realising is that if i want my dream to be realised without the panic, making an application for funding is potentially the way forward.  personally thi sets up a whirlwind of other panic but i have received suppport for writing in the past with applications so all is ok.

i feel better for shaing some of my inner angst about the art walk callout.  the deadline is still three weeks away and we have a see the site meeting planned on saturday.

as to gravity glue and the future, i’ll simply have to wait and see.