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today i have begun a journey to discover my homepage.  i’ve rejected months of workng online and perfecting what each page looks like and making sure my message and best bits get communicated in an instant.

instead i’ve relaxed and looking forward to the process of thinking and making and discovering.  i’ve made space within the site for some writing and i have options to display images, video and sound.

forgotten are the feelings of worry about the site not beingg fully ready to be viewed.  left behind are the cares of how what i’m doing is being viewed by hundreds.

today i’ve put two quotes on the homepage that i really do feel at home with.

i may or may not be an artist… that’s kind of irrelevent really, the main thing for me is that i am honest with myself and what i do is enjoyable, makes me excited and i learn something in doing it,

for now my website does state artist.

recent feelings of i don’t care have been happening and they are good as i can feel my way to the feelings that i do care about.  my partner, the children and the family dog who is just starting to show signs of age and i’m already being emotional at the thought of her not being with us any more.  these are what matters to me.

last weekend we wathced a film in which there’s a scene featuring a large container made of glass with water inside and the main charater of the film saying

it’s not real.


i’m starting to trust what i think to be real and rejecting almost everything else.  the process of rejection is complicated for me as there is a wonder at being alive and being aware of many aspects of the lives of others.  for my own sanity and focus of practice this neck is one i can learn to rain in.



i can loose myself for 40 minutes in the natural theatre happening outside the living room window.



discovery is a powerful thing.


my homepage is andrewmartynsugars.me