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it’s very rare for me to have an evening where getting to sleep is a problem.  i still don’t yet understand why but last night was one of those evenings.

the evening wasn’t particularly different.  there’s a family ritual that happens on  a friday night after school and this was once again succesfully deployed.  perhaps one slight differnce was my wathcing of the documentary about kraftwork. it’s the one where they tour the globe producing art pop shows in major galleries.

the documentary shows songs from the turbine hall performances. i remember the shows happenign as the projection system they employ was one that i used to work with in the very early days of the systems existence.

what the documentary explored was the origins of kraftwork and how their experimentation was to inform and influence artists in both europe and america.

after a relaxing evening of light entertainment and wine i retired to bed, to be greeted by in ability to sleep.


as a result of being really rather exhausted, this morning i caught up with the synth britannia documentary available on the bbc iplayer.  interesting to note how trans euro express and i feel love by donna summer both were cited by artists in the two documenataries.

listening to trans euro express now has taken me away from my thoughts …..

in detroit at the time that this tunes was released it had a direct influence on the djs working in detroit and gave rise to techno.

i think it’s important to listen and watch the embedded links at the time of writing, this is a strategy i use elsewhere on social media as i need to know what it is i’m posting.

listening to the tune while on limited sleep is producing a dormantary feeling, i’m really looking forward to listening to the donna summer track for a lift…..

slightly cheating i’ve opted for a recent remix version. …


the synth britannia documentary is fantastic.  it describes a time when i was finding my feet as a person and finding out what i liked musically.  it’s a revelation hearing gary numan talking about what happened to him in london that set him to write “cars”.

this afternoon i sat down to write about me : an artist in chaos.


what i sat down to write i’ve forgotten … well diverted away from by my finding and including two music tracks that were huge at the time they came out.  having massive influence to those that heard them as the tracks boldly pronounced what could be done … sparking thoughts, ideas and many new tracks by very many other artists.

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