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after taking sometime to find a level after mondays email, i’ve asked some pre-project quetions of the two who suggested my unfancied residency idea might be the basis of a gfa.  it’s a new situation and my strategy to move the notion forward has been to use a google doc to assertain via some questions what in my  proposal they thought could go forward and how they would help this.

in terms of forest school(fs), i’m needing to play with the environment to try to make sense of it.

i took part in a fs session yesterday as a volunteer helper.  i really enjoyed it.  i love the dynamic nature of a session. working with a fellow trainee we experienced some really good things that we can learn from and take forward.

if i do start a gfa, i somehow need to involve fs as this is an important part of what i’m doing at the moment and i don;t wnat to be in a situation where i have to keep parts of me apart.

i have an idea of what i might make central to the gfa, i wait to see if the other two interested parties feel the same way.