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an unexpected email this afternoon entitled “Axisweb quoted you in a story”

wow i thought, what have i done to be quoted by axisweb?

https://storify.com/Axisweb/beyond-the-gallery  (sorry the embed function isn;t working with this and i’ve added it to the list of things to fix and i know the list of things to be fixed is being worked through, so patience please one and all.)


so yes, there i am this afternoon looking at the storify thread from axisweb connected by the hasgtag beyond the gallery.  i meet via his interviews alistair hudson :



i listen to what he has to say.  i like how he’s suggesting that everything that is can remain as it is.  using where he works as the example he’s describing how he’s attempting to put into practice the theories he has formed.  for me i quickly get a sense of another “post” moment.

for sometime i’ve considered myself within a post capitalist setting, capitalism still existing i’m simply in a post frame of mind.

so what if what alistair is suggesting to a post art way of thinking.  everyone currently doing art continues to do art and for those who chose to, to work in a post art way.

through my forest school training i’m starting to learn about maslow’s hierachy of needs.  it pertains to the needs of an individual and begins with breathing, food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep.  at forest school with these met the learner is set for their journey that if all goes well, culminates in self actualisation.

alistair speaks of the miners able to get a shower, this reminds me of maslow’s thinking.

so in post art, how do those involved in post art accomodate the needs of the individuals taking part?  i think alistair has some answers for this.

his stance on art having meaning resonates with an holistic approach.  again this is something that for me is coming out of forest school.

post art as an holistic cultural valuable thing.

i’m a big fan of post art.

my hope for post art is that it discovers that art has massess of emotional intelligence along with bags of resilience so that art gives post art a massive hug and they both go for a coffee and find out more about each other.