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how do i think ? imagine the overall big picture and work inwards or find a detail and expand it outwards ?

it appears that i’m a detail out kinda guy.  having had this pointed out to me it certainly fits.  the concern for me though is despite conciously moving away what i did do to see what i might do the thing that reamins unaltered and seemingly unevolved is my detail first thinking.

this ability is fine when working collaboratively as the combination of overall big picture and detail thinkers working together is very powerful.  i know this as an overall thinker has told me so.

what i need to evolve in myself is my valuation of my ability to find detail where previously there was none.  in evolving this finding overall thinkers who accept this valuation will help to maintain the valuation.

am i staring at a paradoxical situation of the detail being the overall big picture … is detail as the overall big picture sustainable for a visual art practice … from my own evidence so far the answer is no.

so how can i continue with a visual art practice … keep on with the detail…. research it and find a way to intellectualise what it is as a result of considering it.  so time to try and stretch myself once more but this time in a manner that does not leave me tired, drained and exhausted with not very much to show for my efforts.