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The second iteration of # Flaunt It exhibition took place in Autumn 2019 at Arches Studios, Southampton. Conceived by Tony Spencer & Peter McGinnis and featuring Jilly Evans, the artists presented a visual commentary on current society, disability, humanity, ritual, and positive phycology.

Spencer presented new work including: Sermon – On the seventh beatitude a reconstructed pulpit normally associated with a theological presentation, is used on this occasion as a platform, inviting the audience to ascend the spiral stairs and listen to an intimate audio recording of Spencer reading a monologue which refers to wisdom of the Enneagram, a personality type system that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions.

Spencer also presented Flesh and Blood a kneeler reconstructed from reclaimed pallet wood, inviting the audience to perform the act of kneeling in front of a mirror. From this position the participant confronts their own reflection and words of affirmation burnt in reverse into the wooden frame of the stool. The work was created to explore concepts of self-awareness, as a form of dissenting from social constructs of ego.

Evans presented Bin Liner People, a piece made from sewn plastic bin liners.  The installation endeavours to comment on our current society, hoping to act as a catalyst for conversation on social change.

McGinnis exhibited a second set of powerful portrait paintings, which he produced whilst undertaking a self directed residency at Eastpoint day centre for the West Hants NHS Trust.