The pub. Now there is a social space of intrigue if ever there was one.

Now getting more to the point, the pub at lunch time. This is nothing bad. Nope. Having a little drink whilst enjoying a hearty pub lunch is acceptable. On the other hand, the pub at lunch time with no food is slightly edging on wrong, and if it isn’t edging on it, then it’s certainly toying with it. Haha. So where am I going with this thought? Well it was decided that we should have a night in with some home cooked food and a glass or two of wine. This was Saturday night. I was working in the cinema from 11am till 7pm then I headed over to Alice’s for dinner and a chance not to think about our degree show. It was good.

We sat, we drank and we ate. Slowly the people were filtered down to only 4, some of those were less present than others hehe there is an excuse though. Gin, whisky and wine. All amazing drinks when sampled alone. Not when drunk one after the other in copious amounts with the novelty of slushy ice. I ended up rather drunk and headed home for about 4am. I saw a fox, a mouse and a drunk pigeon along the way. Hehe

To be continued….



Part two…

I was up for work the next day at 8am for an hour which I was surprisingly awake for. I was only there for an hour and then I went home and met a friend. I then had to go back into work for a 6pm till 10pm shift. This was last night. I got a txt asking what I was up to as a few friends from back home were off out the the big G. I was already walking home by this point. But I am such a pushover and I decide “yeah… Maybe it is a good idea.” so I get dressed out of my uniform and head out. We drank and we danced and had the most random of times. My two friends ended up having a falling out and walked the streets of Glasgow until the first train at 5.55am. I ended up talking away with a jeweller from up north. The next morning after a few hours sleep we have a quick vodka and coke and then head to the pub. That was this morning. I have now had a few moments of stolen sleep since then and am writing this. This is where my dilemma exists. This is all ok when defined as a student. These things happen, but when it comes to being a final year student and only having two weeks today to get everything finished it becomes a dilemma. Haha. Its all a tad funny though, and I'm off to work again in an hour. I'm working 6pm till 12.30am plently of time to muse over these thoughts.



woohooo! I successfully fixed my washing machine

(check www.garybolam.blogspot.com for video and pictures!)

… its now 2:30pm only an hour of my degree prep time wasted poking and prodding the insides of it. haha. ohh i also have a sneaky peak image to upload… i say sneaky peak but it may all change.

i have an interesting space it has two large windows and a narrow walk way area. i think i may have set myself a bit of a challenge in choosing it but oh well… we'll see how it turns out in the next few weeks. its only 2 weeks and 6 days until i have to have it all finished. eak!


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Ok so it is 1:30pm and I'm working tonight at 6.00pm. My washing machine has just broke with my uniform still in it. I'll take that as a sign to phone in sick.



Blah blah blah….

Art school holds the plague. Today I have been avoiding it at all costs. gerr… I'm fed up of the elevated stress levels and the required commitment to be seen to be doing work every minute of every day. I'm fed up of the uneasy feeling around people as well. Everyone is on egg-shells around one another for fear of tipping the balance. I need a rest from it all.

Having said that, all I have been doing for the last week is 'resting' from it. I went to two openings last Thursday. A solo fourth year show and the group third year show. Both of which were impressive, almost scarily so.

So I go along to both and its a sunny day in Glasgow and I feel in good spirits, maybe more so because of all the free alcohol haha but also because its a chance to chill out a bit with friends. i ended up getting slightly drunk with everyone else and going home to crash.

I was having crazy dreams. I swear I was actually working in my sleep. It was weird.