Me, myself and I for a moment…

The last wee while has been a crazy one. Full of many ups and unfortunately a few downs. I am now single.. It's funny how stress attracts stress isn't it.

So moving swiftly on…

I have a sheet of glass (75 cm squared) and an appointment to get a photograph made. I think I might use it for the big show but I have a crit next week and I was planning on using for then.

I'm a bit more focused on the big show but I don't want to change the way I work for it. I am an intuitive maker and I like to be in the space to make something. (Oi, stop reading between the lines… I am in no way lazy nor do I leave everything to the last minute. hehe.)

It's kind of an exciting time don't you think? I love the feeling of uncertainty and excitement about the future after art school.

ohhh… we had a pricing seminar today. Woohoo… or perhaps not. It started off as a bit of a history lesson and judging by the people who turned up I wasn't the only one to question where it was all going. Having said that there was the odd bit of helpful information thrown in.

The question now is…

Will anything sell?



*** Notice-boards ***

What a fantastic idea. Lets make somewhere central that we can give you information on paper and then we'll email you to tell you we have put something new up so that you get into a routine.

Email… Notice-board… Email… Notice-board…

Then… oh oh great idea we'll put up things with out telling you and you'll miss them because "… It WAS on the notice-board, didn't you see?" haha

They also become a beacon for the daydreamer.

You go. You stop. You stare. your mind suddenly empty and all intent forgotten or at least distracted.

You stare in the hope that something pops into your head that somehow makes the degree show date magically seem 20 weeks away instead of just 5.

Then there is the note-taker. They know the board inside out. They have the measurements and proximity mapped out in their mind of how best to get there from any… ANY location in the studio not to mention the natural instinct to tell when there is some new addition. They need no email.

Ohh and then there is the novice or extreme expert (I've not decided if the actions are calculated or mere 'accident') who puts up the poster for their show above the tutorial sign up list. These guys would be killed if they were ever caught in the act.

Notice-boards… they make me laugh.



Woohooo… Just got an email from Stephen Palmer with an attached image of the Degree Show cover… it also has my amazing image on it… hehe woo :D

I suddenly thought of the scene when you came home from school with a 'painting' that got put on the fridge to the words…

Me: "Look Mum look…" said whilst bouncing off the wall.

Mum: "… Yes.. it er… it's great son.. but what is it?" unsure to its orientation as she puts it onto the fridge with blue-tack.




the last week of my life… where the hell did it go? It's been a crazy one. I've not stopped been mega stressed and had to deal with millions of bits of paper that need sorted and ordered into some kind of research…

I'm loving the stress in a kind of random way though. It's making me think loads about me and what I do. How profound. haha.

So this upcoming week will see me get a proposal in for my wee exhibition… what's it called again?

… oh yeah that's right the degree show.



We are all destine.

Nothing else just destine.

I hate the smell of Mondays. They have an urgency of something yet to be fulfilled. A bitter stench of lateness and the need to catch up holds hand with this stench. It is like the weekend was a different year. A new hope that just as suddenly vanished.

We are all destine.

Destine to what I hear the cries. ‘Nothing!’ I answer sharply. I want this stench to fill my lungs. It’s good for you apparently… ‘That’s what they all say’ I think to myself. Oh for fuck sake. That neurosis ebbing into the physical yet again. Humm… I might go for a walk.