Almost a monthly post. Busy responding to a call from Dragons Den. Thought this may be the best route to get the message to most public that

YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT AS LONG AS IT IS ECO AND PRACTICAL¬† and to get funding to take fwd of course. Alas, they cancelled the other week (after 5 stages of pitch/interview) allegedly due to a poorly dragon and limited studio time.¬† Was sworn to secrecy but I can talk about it now…but I wont.

Been to two of the most progressive crematorium and cemeteries to get them to test Koffin so it can not be rejected on the basis that the ends round, or it may get snagged on the rollers, wont go into furnace straight, and so on…excuses used by Shrewsbury Crem recently.

My children going through A levels and GCSE’s simultaneously whilst both have sort of officially left school forever. All change.

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