PART TWO Summary of visit 7th September

On Saturday over coffee Pamela, Eileen, Veronica and Andrew discussed the project to date and the way forward. It was generally felt that the conclusion of the project might involve making a consolidated set of prints around the themes and from work produced, rather than continuing with the exchange process but that this was by no means proscriptive. Pamela talked of ‘finishing the project’ and both Pamela and Eileen were conscious of the Graphic Studio Dublin exhibition that might require editioned prints. Everyone was positive for the Celtica festival that Veronica outlined. We also discussed the idea of a residency in the west of Ireland following previous discussions with Monica de Bath and suggestions on location by Margaret Becker. This could be a way of furthering the project in a different way, by creating a residency or meeting for a week when members could meet, discuss ideas and make work. Cill Rialaig, Kerry was considered to be very good but there could also be possible venues for this in Wales. Holyhead was discussed as Andrew had already talked with Ucheldre Arts Centre for possibly taking the Le Chéile Cystyllt exhibition. A possible time for this was discussed, either February when the Cill Rialaig would probably be more likely to be available or ideally in spring, April/May when the weather is better.

In addition the exhibition in Rhyl Library for January 2010 was outlined as another confirmed venue for the exchange exhibition. New work could be available for this exhibition.

The Graphic Studio Dublin exhibition is scheduled for November 2009.

We left after a very positive meeting with Pamela and Eileen and headed toward Clane to meet with Monica de Bath. We visited Monica ‘s studio close to the Bog, vibrant colour in the studio and at various points on the industrial site that houses Monica’s studio, painted on metal sheets some from the engines that used to collect peat now defunct, scrapped and superseded by tractors.

Veronica again discussed the outlined proposals and Monica was very positive about the developments in Australia. We discussed new members taking part in the project. Monica felt the Cill Rialaig, Kerry for a residency was a very good location, perhaps the location may be difficult because of the popularity of the venue and that we should consider alternatives as well. We left at 5.30pm to head for Dún Laoghaire for the ferry to Holyhead.


Very positive responses to further manifestations in Celtica, Country Arts SA, Rhyl Library, Graphic Studio Dublin and Cill Rialaig, Kerry with members keen to further collaboration in new forms.


Country Arts South Australia www.countryarts.org.au Graphic Studio Dublin www.graphicstudiodublin.com

Andrew Smith 6th October 2008


Report on visit to Dublin 6/7th September 2008Le Chéile Cystyllt Exchange Project The purpose of the visit was for Veronica Calarco and Andrew Smith to meet with Monica de Bath, Pamela De Bri, Eileen Keane in Ireland. Summary of visit 6th September 2008

Veronica and I travelled on Friday night and we were able to have a substantial discussion about collaboration and how this project could develop but also wider issues about exchange and residencies. This in turn led to focusing on the group idea, forming a membership for developing projects and new ideas. This was a very useful brainstorming time and Veronica has made substantial links with Celtica, The Port Celtic Festival 2008, Port Adelaide and Country Arts SA.

Celtica, organised by Suzanne Laslett has previously not had a visual art element and participation by Le Chéile Cystyllt would be the first presentation with other artists. It would take place in various centres (up to eight) around/close to the festival site in Port Adelaide during December 2008. Country Arts SA (contact Rob Johnston) is a substantial touring exhibition programme taking visual art to regional and remote areas of South Australia. Exhibitions tour for over 18 months. There would be a requirement for artists to attend this event throughout its duration and there is some funding for this. At the time of writing Le Chéile Cystyllt has been provisionally selected for this programme so this is tremendous news. Thanks to Veronica for making very good progress in developing the project here.


Oh dear – we seem to have been a bit reluctant to take to this blogging business. Are we too old? Surely not. My excuse is my lousy internet connection – I'm too mean to get Broadband.

anyway…… back to the project. We had a meeting last night and talked about where we are (in the pub in Betws y Coed) and where we might go – lots of ideas following on from Andrew & Veronica's recent trip to Ireland. We feel we should open the project up a bit, and not just be twinned rigidly to one individual (sounds a bit bizarre – can you have a rigid twin? Actually, it's more like being a conjoined twin, joined at the waist. )

I've been really lucky and found a good working method with my twin: sending work and a sketchbook backwards & forwards. the sketchbook in particular is full of ideas, drawings & bits and pieces. I'm hoping to get down to making some prints this week…