Field Trip to Oriel Mon (Anglesey)

Tara, Linda and Alison visited Oriel Mon to get a feel of the main gallery. This was a good move, as we had become a bit intimidated by the idea of the big space: it certainly is big, but it’s not intimidating. At a guess, it’s probably about 50% larger than the gallery space at Rhyl Arts Centre. We can fill it….

It was very helpful to meet Nicola Gibson, who is no longer just a voice on the phone, or a signature to an email. She was reassuring, and full of good ideas. We will have cabinets for 3D work and artists’ books, and there’s space to hang 3D stuff away from the walls, subject to negotiation.

Our exhibition (24th. September to November 6th.) coincides with the Big Draw, so it seems like a good idea to run a Big Print/Small Print event in the gallery at the same time. This would be an excellent chance to work with professional printmakers and to bring printmaking to the wider public. A lot of preparation to do: what medium/media to use? where to source l a r g e pieces of paper? who will sponsor us? etc. etc. etc.