I hope this is the first of many posts from the Irish collaborators!

We now have some information on the next stage of the project which is an exhibition to be held in the Graphic Studio in Dublin next March, (specific dates to be confirmed)

The Graphic Studio committee of Brian Lalor, Catherine O'Riordan and Robert Russell, request that the images of finished work are sent to them in jpeg format on a cd by the 3rd week in January.

There can be as many images as each artist wants from which the committee will select the required number. All work must be print and must be influenced by the collaboration. It has been suggested that we aim to have an edition of at least 6 although monoprints have not been ruled out. The size is not an issue. The Graphic take 48% which needs to be factored in when pricing.

The issue of framing has yet to be decided.

At this stage it may be an idea for 'twins'/collaborators to link up and discuss the prints for this exhibition and decide whether they will be individual or joint prints.

Pamela de Brí


Although you might not believe it from the gap since the last posting, the project continues. Some of us have sent work off to Veronica in South Australia for the Celtic Roots exhibition in Port Adelaide. This seems to be a "dispersed gallery" show, a bit like the Ruthin Focal a couple of years back, involving hotels, pubs & shops to show work in informal settings.

I had an awayday in London at half term (travelled by train – just a touch crowded – had to sit on the floor) to meet Deirdre, my working "twin", at the British Museum. We went mainly to look at the Mold Cape, having been impressed with the wonderful Celtic artefacts at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. The Mold Cape was discovered in the mid 1800s near Mold (there's a surprise…) which is near Wrexham, which is where the Regional Print Centre is… The "cape" is a wearable thingy, covering shoulders and upper arms, and beaten from a single sheet of gold: it's difficult to imagine a culture where something of this value could be buried with its' wearer. It raises all sorts of issues about "value" and ideas of status and afterlife. There's lots more to see of course, and we have lots of ideas and preliminary drawings for our next lot of work.