We are beginning to get organised for our next exhibition: Rhyl Library Arts Centre. January 9th. to February 13th. 2010. We are planning to show work which will demonstrate the narrative inherent in a collaborative process, including sketchbooks, work in progress and collaborative drawings. The logistics of getting the work to Wales from Ireland may be interesting, given that the show is being hung in the first week of January. The logistics of getting the work to Rhyl from other parts of North Wales may also be interesting if it doesn’t stop raining soon.




Hi All,

I think the three attached works by Alison and I are still very much works in progress. As we are both Welsh artists it would be good to have some Irish input.

I can put them up on my mobileme site and send out the address where they can be downloaded from later on today.

If you have elements you want to add and don’t have the computer skills I can add them for you.

Titles are a major problem for me but that is the subject of another blog!

Talk soon, don



Hi Pam and everyone

The website is looking great and it’s great to have it up and running.

Well, I thought I had better send an update on what is happening here. We have had three exhibitions in Elliston, Jamestown and Bordertown. We are getting really good reviews and four more galleries have approached Countryarts to have it there. Rob is currently working out dates and seeing whether it can fit in between other exhibitions, or be tacked on to the end. I will let you know. Sadly Roxby Downs – where it is meant to be now – postponed it. They got in a new coordinator who agreed to another exhibition without realising he was committed to ours and it was too late to organise another venue by the time the mistake was realised. But Rob is going to try to sort out another date with them also. Celtica is going full steam ahead with the program getting bigger by the day. The opening for Le Chéile is the 27 November and we have booked a band “Blind Mary” (celtic jigs etc) for the opening. Rob is organising the head of the UniSA print department to open it. There will also be exhibitions in the cafés and pubs as last year and also three other galleries are now having shows. One is a new gallery – Zelim which will have its opening on the 2/12 and for entertainment is having a guy playing bagpipes (Alison and Pam will be having work in that show). The next gallery is Gaff whose opening is on the 29 November. And lastly the Axis Gallery which is having its opening on the 9/12 and has a Pict dancing group doing a performance in a theatre which goes off from the gallery. This exhibition is works by Andrew Smith, Gareth Wyn Jones, Suzanne Laslett (Celtica organiser) and myself. Andrew Smith is coming out for all these festivities – and as the schedule gets fuller will then head back to Wales in total need of the long that nights you will be enjoying by then!

After a very unusual and cold winter it is finally warming up here – but we are not complaining as for the first time in six years are dams are full! – and so hopefully the weather will be great for the festival. I have also been in touch with a contact of Steffan’s in Perth, WA and we are looking at what might happen in the future, so we shall see where that might go.
Pob hwyl pawb



Thanks Don – your digital images are a great improvement on my original!

I think your idea of a collaborative book is a good one. Here are my first efforts, (layered from a photograph of the dead brown bracken on the hillside, a monoprint of Welsh fields and your image).


After our residency at Nant Gwtheyrn I asked Alison if I could do some work with one of her lino cut plates that I really liked and felt inspired by. If Alison agrees I think we could work towards making an Artist Book. If anybody from the Le Cheile group wants to join us that would be great.