All good things must come to an end, and le Chéile is one such. It has far outlived its’ intended lifespan, and has evolved to accommodate new members and new ideas. There have been high profile exhibitions in Eire and in Wales, and the project has been featured in the Gaelic- and Welsh-speaking media.

Participants in le Chéile have forged professional and personal friendships, and have learned much about printmaking and about each others’ cultural heritage.

The “list of credits” is long, but without Steffan Jones-Hughes (previously of the Regional Print Centre, Wrexham) and Margaret Becker of Leinster Printmaking Studio, le Chéile would never have happened. Lucina Russell, Arts Officer, County Kildare facilitated the initial contacts; Monica de Báth co-ordinated the Irish side of the first phase of the project; Pamela de Brí took over from her and saw things through to their final conclusion. Alison Craig assisted Steffan at the beginning and later took over the organisation of the Wales-based artists. Veronica Calarco worked tirelessly in Australia with great results. Geraldine O’Reilly (Eire) and Jim Creed (Wales) acted as curators at various times.

(And, of course, thanks to all our sponsors, and apologies to anyone I’ve missed)

A changing cast of artists took part – “without whom” etc……. – more about them on http://lecheileprintproject.blogspot.com

and the Print Studios on:



Thanks very much to everyone for so much hard work.