Each time I explored an area of train tracks in search of clothing, I took a camera and a light. I had not done this before as I normally collect clothes without recording the environment. The decision to do this was not taken lightly because taking all the equipment to Mexico and carrying it around in a potentially hostile environment with temperatures of 36 degrees was a major consideration.


Once I came across an item of clothing that had been left by the tracks I photographed it before removing the item to take back to the U.K. My intention was to create images that were both documents of a space, landscape photography and evidence of activity, with a visual reference to forensic photography.

The first part of my major project was highly successful, I collected 35 kilos of clothing and I met lots of extremely helpful people who are willing to help with my project on my return to Mexico next year, hopefully. Thanks to A-N for their support, without the travel bursary this progress would not have been made.


With help from the A-N Travel Bursary, I traveled to Monterrey in Northern Mexico, where I co-ran a four day workshop in one of Mexico’s main Museums of Contemporary Art, MARCO, with artist Marysa Dowling http://www.marysadowling.co.uk/ The workshop was titled The Portrait As transformation. During the sessions, with photography as an underlying theme, we discussed and worked with portraiture, self portraiture, collaboration, masking, performance, costume and location.

The workshops were a great success and the participants produced many highly creative and accomplished images.

The workshops were also great in being able to discuss my project with the participants. I was able to gather more information about spaces that I was not familiar with, so again local knowledge was vital in ensuring the project’s success.