Thanks to a Twitter conversation with Andrew Martyn Sugars, fellow a-n blogger, I am starting a blog to track progress over 2018. I am not sure how I am going to measure progress but am going to give it a go and if I manage to spend more time in the studio this year, then that will be progress of a kind.


I’ve decided to set up some mentoring. It feels like a good time to do this now that I have a clearer sense of my research interests.

I’m looking forward to the trip to York and the Dalby Forest – the first Selfscapes event: pecha kucha presentation done; still need to get cameras together, charge the batteries and select some paper and charcoal and other bits.

Had several hours in the studio yesterday and worked with Chinese ink over printed marks

and tried out a “nature print” which is deliberately not  ‘botanical’.



A young artist has taken over the nearby River Garage Studios and is opening this rather wonderful space with an inaugural show, just for the weekend.


The sun can almost be too strong …

even in winter and I will have to move away from the window as the year progresses.

I had some ink leftover on the plate – an old piece of glass from a cold frame I picked up a while ago – and decided to use it up.

This is what happened.


I am very surprised and pleased to be on the Baby Forest long list for their membership and exhibition awards and as such am up for the People’s Choice Award(Vote here).

This is one of the images that got me there!


I am going up to Dalby Forest with fellow artist and co-director of DAD Joanna for an event organised by Selfscapes, a new research cluster at York St John University which aims to investigate both the body and place as sites for interconnected experiences and how this might be mediated through a range of media.

I am really excited and thanks to this opportunity, which came via Joanna, I am beginning to realise that my focus and interest in heterotopias is providing a framework for my practice which I haven’t had before.