This year’s Dover Printfest and open studios was fairly quiet but we had a steady stream of visitors and plenty of good conversations about art and politics!

I also sold a collage!

And I was so pleased to get this message from the buyer

Clare I LOVE the landscape that I bought from you yesterday. I like all the different elements and materials you have used, and it’s shape. It is open and free, and yet, particular. Like a poem. Love it!


Had a fabulous morning in the studio today running the 2nd print club session. Things are starting to work as I wanted with really constructive peer-to-peer advice for those involved and lots of experimentation.

Wonderful morning spent remembering that sometimes its good to forget any self imposed rules ! Thank you clare_smith for a morning spent forgetting and the opportunity to bring something new into being.



Nos 10 and 11.

I’ve had a great comment on these from an artist I respect:

I seldom see work on paper that has the immediacy of what you’re doing now.

Feel quite pleased about that!


I have lost one artist from the studio so decided to experiment with a new print club in the studio – not for etching or anything like that, mainly monotypes, some small scale screen printing, lino prints and so on…. When there is no club day, there is a bit more space and then the club day pays the rent I’ve lost.

The idea is that it is peer-to-peer learning so people can exchange ideas and techniques, so I am not teaching but get beginners going and suggest things for them to try out.

The first session was really successful and the second session has a few more takers which is encouraging.