Well, huge surprise, I was going to do more work on the concertina book but someone has bought it as is, after seeing it on my FB page.

With my earnings down due to my time being hugely eaten into by hospital visits, let alone any periods of feeling not quite up to anything, I decided to sell… in any case I wasn’t really sure about the other side.

I even managed to find a title.


Excited to have work selected for the Arts of Rebellion, Acts of Liberation exhibition as part of the programme for Women rising Folkestone as part of Folkestone’s International Women’s Day events.

My short video (It was already too late) that starts “This is not the Lake” will be screened and 3 related prints exhibited as well at the The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space from  26th February- 3rd March, 11:00-5:00.


My 30-second video  Every Second Counts in Xi An will be part of the Strangelove Time-based Media Festival from 23 Feb to 24 March 2019.


Strangelove Festival 2019 invited artists to submit 30 second films, responding to the festival’s theme of duration – reflecting our fast-paced consumer culture of digital media. Thirty seconds is: how long most adverts last, how long most people look at an artwork in a gallery, 12 breathes and an 0.008th of an hour.

Every Second Counts Dates and locations
The Photographers Gallery, London on 23rd February, 3.30-5pm
Turner Contemporary, Margate on 2nd March, 10am-1.30pm
Fabrica, Brighton on 14th March, 7pm-9pm
Hop Projects CT20, Folkestone 24th March, 11am-12pm.


I invited a few friends round for a Chinese New Year meal and was given this yellow pig who (or should that be which) presided over the evening and kept us all laughing – I’m hoping this boosted our health for at least that evening. Traditionally one’s own year is not the best, so I’m also hoping that the piggy will nonetheless bring good fortune!

On a more serious note I’ve been dual tasking – i.e. drawing while watching TV or more realistically, as I can’t actually look at two things at the same time, drawing while glancing at the telly or the other way round.

The plan is to keep this up through the year and improve my drawing skills.