Not till September but I have been working on and off for an exhibition with White Noise projects at The Crypt Gallery in September. I find set themes really hard to respond to so was glad they helpfully suggested in the brief that one could also repurpose older work…..so here is what I’ve been up to so far:

The Generosity of Tulips #1

The Generosity of Tulips #2, Back and Front

I can’t decide whether to add some stitched elements so letting this piece hang in the studio for a bit until the answer comes to me.

See the real work in September!!


September 10, 2019-12:00 pm – September 15, 2019-6:00 pm

Past and Present Tense
10-15 September 2019

Tuesday – Sunday 12-6pm

Private View:
Wednesday 11 September 2019  6.00 -9.00 pm


The folds, crumples and tears in the paper are an intrinsic part of this work in which the paper can be seen as a reflection of the fragility of the body.


I guess there was a certain amount of beginner’s luck with my first ever cyanotype made from a quick and rough drawing on acetate last week. The fact that it was raining and there wasn’t much sun was maybe a factor too.

Yesterday seemed the perfect day thanks to the bright sunshine but most of the prints did not work – I was trying to capture the shadows of moving plants but I guess I washed the paper for too long or left the paper out for too long….or something else.

Anyhow these are the two that sort of worked.

Still lots more trials to do with this work – am going to be combining drawings, photos and real objects.


So, despite the rain and overcast sky, the members of the Dover Print Club were determined to make cyanotypes so that’s what we did. It was a huge amount of fun especially as we were very inexperienced apart from 2 of my fellow studio holders who were on-hand with loads of advice.

We got the experiments done just in time before it really started to rain and meanwhile studio holder Kate Beaugie gave us all a photogram demo in the dark space, which we are making available to hire.

The devil will be in the approach as opposed to the technique, which on the face of it seems quite easy!

At the weekend I threw my first pot in 40 years! I almost did ceramics when I left school but ended up doing Oriental Studies at Cambridge… Fellow creatives here in Dover have set up Ceramic Art Dover and ran their first event over the weekend – Clay Date – which was hugely successful with so many people trying out modelling, casting and throwing… There was also a team challenge consisting of throwing a set of 4 sake cups and a pourer…

Oh and I also tried to make a Labrador…

Finally, I have decided to try and sell some work at the Parallax Art fair in July and have started packing it all up. If I ever do it again I hope the whole prep process will be easier and quicker.