Catherine Wynne-Paton is a multi-disciplinary artist working with live art, text, performance, painting and drawing all of which is driven by an investigation into the relationship between the physical world and the world of text and is often a response to conversation, individual word collections and specific sites.

The Lost Library Project was not only a performance but also research driven by the social value of free access to text, number seeking and pattern finding within community establishments that are changing rapidly.

Drawing and painting are part of her thinking process about texture and the natural form of plants, their contours and imagining a text or message carried within their forms.

In her exploration of the gap between the perception of text and the reality of it she attempts to uncover visions locked away in words and phrases by bringing them into physical form to play with and understand their meanings from other perspectives.   Because words can both be reductive and expansive she wants to find the limits of the form, the contours of text, the contours of the land, plants, where meaningless textual form of the contours of land and plants (might) meet meaningful, if limited language.  The point where meaningless becomes meaningful.  The point at which meaning is lost.  The aha moment of understanding.