Last week I embarked on the long awaited trip to Norway for Peace Painting.

I agreed to document the trip for my blog for the Norwegian Embassy, so I’ve split the trip into separate blog posts to post daily this week.
Here is Days 1-2 Mandag and Tirsdag

Then Onsdag

The Peace Painting workshops took place on Torsdag with some refugees from Afghanistan

Fredag was the journey home, another opportunity to take research images of the beautiful landscape!

I am very wary of now being asked to do more work, such as funding applications – I left the art world because I refuse to work on funding applications that will be 100% rejected, and I do not return gladly to accept slavery at all. So this means that IF I make the effort to put together a funding application (I would prefer to just ask for funding and be granted it), then it has to be granted, if not, the project won’t go ahead, and with so much fundraising going into war, I feel it’s far more important that projects like this are funded instead.