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You find me in a somewhat reflective mood, such is the mindset that the last month of the year brings. I’ve been thinking about the successes and failures of the last 12 months in the hope that I can learn from them going forward.

A few weeks ago I talked about my ethos regarding group exhibitions and how I use them to force myself out of my comfort zone. Over the last year this has seen me produce work that highlights the capacity scent has for inducing alternative thinking, narrative and symbolism.

On reflection, there are certainly two pieces of work that still stand out: ‘Zodiac Man’ about astrology in response to Valentine’s Day, and ‘Scented Spectrum’, which providesĀ an olfactory equivalent to the colour chart.

I have a tenancy to disregard past work in favour of creating something new. As such, these two works have been a little overlooked of late. In 2018 I will at least consider showing these two again and exposing them to new audiences, spaces and contexts.